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Broadaxes, Bench Axes & Adzes


Swedish & Swiss Broadaxes

These Gransfors Bruks (Swedish) and Swiss hand-forged broadaxes are manufactured of the finest steel and come extremely sharp and ready to use. All Gransfor broadaxes come with protective covers.





 Product # Price Description
J-04-264R $39.95 Hickory replacement handle 20” for Gransfors double bevel sharpened broadaxe
K-04-267 NLA #1900 Gransfor carving broadaxe; left bevel sharpened; right side flat; 3 ½  lb. head; 7” blade face; 20” left angled handle (left handed).
L-04-272 $699.95 Swiss made European style broadaxe; 5 ¾ lb. overall wt.; 12” blade; 31” right angled handle; 36” overall length; right bevel sharpened; left side flat (right handed) Ideal for flattening or squaring timbers. (Special order only)
L-04-272R $149.95 Replacement handle Swiss broadaxe 31”.
X-04-276  $299.00

Western style broadaxe by Muller of Austria; 7-3/8" blade;          3-1/4 lb. head; 30-1/2" handle; right bevel sharpened; left side flat (right handed) Photo can be Emailed

X-04-277    $299.00

Same as above except left bevel sharpened; right side flat;     (left-handed)


Bench axes

Bench AxesThis tool is a smaller and lighter version of the broadaxe or a mini broadaxes. It is easy to control in the hewing process and It can also double as a planing tool. All are made by Oxhead (German) except one; 16” handles.


Products F, H and J are no longer available






 Product # Price Description
K-04-292 $164.95 Muller (Austrian) traditional style; 3 ½ lb. wt.; 5 ½” square front blade; left side flat; right handed.
K-04-293 $164.95 Same style as #292 above except right side flat; left handed.


Adzes Adzes

Adzes have the blades angled perpendicular to the handle and by using an almost hoeing technique, are used to remove wood as required to dress or flatten a timber.

 Product # Price Description
D-04-295 $139.95 Oxhead straight adze; 2 ¾ lb. head; 3 3/8” blade; 32” handle.
D-04-294 $109.95 Straight adze; same specs as above; "generic" brand.
E-04-297 $169.95 Oxhead curved scoop adze; 2 ½ lb. head; 4” blade; 2 ¾” wide scoop; 32” handle.
E-04-296 $129.95 Curved scoop adze; same specs as above; "generic" brand.
E-04-297R $29.95 Double curve replacement handle 32" for Oxhead.
X-04-297L $37.50 Large eye adze handle 36" for older traditional adzes.
M-04-298 $139.90 Swiss straight adze; 2 lb. wt.; 3” blade; 18” handle.
N-04-299 $149.90

Swiss curved adze; 2 lb. wt.; 2 ¾” scoop; 18” handle;

#9 curve.

L-04-300 $149.90

Swiss mini carver’s curved adze; 1 ¾ lb. wt.; 2” scoop;

11” handle; #9 curve

P-04-301 $139.90

Swiss mini carver's straight adze; 1-1/2 lb. wt.; 2" blade;

11" handle.

R-04-302 $149.90

Swiss sculptor's adze; #3 curve; 1-3/4 lb. wt.; 2-1/2" wide

blade; 18" handle.

S-04-303 $149.90

Swiss sculptor's adze; #5 curve; 1-7/8 lb. wt.; 2-1/4" wide

blade; 18" handle.

T-04-304 $149.90

Swiss sculptor's adze; #7 curve; 2 lb. wt.; 2-1/8" wide blade;

18" handle.

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