Magard Ventures Log Building Tools


Canadian Distributor of LOG BUILDING TOOLS for over 30 YEARS

About Us

Maurice Gardy My name is Maurice Gardy and for over 30 years now I personally have been involved in the supply of quality hand tools for log home building and the timber framing industry worldwide. We import some from manufacturers throughout the world, manufacture some ourselves, and have others manufactured for us according to our specifications.

From my early beginnings in 1977 at Heather Power Tools and working with the B.A. Allan Mackie School of Log Building which was then located in Prince George B.C. , I have been involved with the supply of specialty tools to the log building and later timber framing industry.

Although I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you over the years, many of you I have only had contact via fax, phone or e-mail. Even though we have not met personally, your business has all been very much appreciated.

Magard Ventures Ltd. tool displayAlthough we try to have stock of almost everything we advertise, we do from time to time run out of stock usually due to manufacturing delays beyond our control. Please contact us for stock information, possible price changes, (due to fluctuating currency some prices actually go down at times) and shipping options and prices. If you do not see something you want, contact us and we will either see about ordering it or will advise you where to get it.

Your business is very much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Maurice Gardy