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Three of these informative and instructional books are written by the man who is credited with reviving the round log home building industry many years ago, namely, B. Allan Mackie! This world renown builder, instructor, lecturer and author has written these books so that log builders and prospective log builders can share his knowledge worldwide.

Building with LogS

Building With LogsThis textbook, used by many log building schools, covers all aspects of log building from log acquisition, site preparation, building foundation and wall construction to interior finishing.

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A-12-620 $25.00 Building With Logs; 124 pages; B. Allan Mackie (soft cover).


The Owner Built Log HouseIn this, B. Allen Mackie’s latest book, he takes us on the exciting ride of following the building of his personal home almost entirely by himself on a large acreage in Ontario. He demonstrates in this book that with the right attitude, a will to learn and a desire to create something of one’s own, the average person is more than capable of building a log house that will serve them for many, many years. Supported by hundreds of photographs  and detailed drawings and with the consideration of the ecology in mind, we are taken through the entire process of selecting the land, purchasing and preparing the logs and the entire steps of building the home right up to moving in and spending the first winter.

 Product # Price Description
B-12-624 $29.95 The Owner-Built Log House; 232 pages; B. Allan Mackie (soft cover).


Notches of all KindsThis textbook discusses in detail and illustrates every conceivable notch used in log and timber joinery and their functions. A must for any serious builder.

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C-12-621 no longer available Notches of All Kinds; 92 pages; B. Allan Mackie (soft cover).

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Log Construction Manual

Log Construction ManualThis Robert Chambers manual, now in its revised edition, covers in intensive detail the master art of log building. Its coverage includes log selection, log roof systems, underscribing, sill log layout and scribing and cutting notches and grooves that aren’t found anywhere else. A very popular book by a master builder, author, instructor and consultant. Comes with a special open-flat binding and has more than 350 photographs and illustrations, index and appendices. Now with all pictures in colour and many chapters  to reflect the latest in log building techniques and many helpful hints to get your latest build just right.

Also cross-referenced with the BUILDING LOG HOMES video.




 Product # Price Description
D-12-625 $59.95 Log Construction Manual; 272 pages; Robert W. Chambers (soft cover).

Building Log Homes Video

Building Log Homes VideoThe Video Companion to the Log Construction Manual Boxed Set 1 - Building with Log Walls by Robert Chambers this boxed set includes 3 DVD discs and 5 hours of valuable video instructions.

Includes log wall skills and techniques like: scribing (marking where to notch logs), scoring, cutting, carving and brushing corner notches, sill logs, cutting grooves, scribing and cutting flyways, how to debark and peel logs and much more.....

Also includes log wall fundamentals like: why we alternate butts and tips in each layer, average gain, selection maps, sill logs, how to use underscribing, why saddle notches stay tight over time and many more tips....

Also cross-referenced with the LOG CONSTRUCTION MANUAL.

 Product # Price Description
H-12-752 $125.95 Chambers 3 DVD set, 5 hours of video

Log span tables

Log Span TablesWritten by B. Allen Mackie with input by Norman Read and Thomas Hahney, this must have reference booklet is used to determine log sizes required when designing for log construction including floor joists, beams and roof support systems. It includes ILBA 2000 Log Building Standards and is an invaluable reference booklet when dealing with building inspectors and building codes.

 Product # Price Description
E-12-622 $34.95 Log Span Tables; 124 pages; Mackie, Read & Hahney (soft cover pocket-size).

Roof Layout Manual

Log Roof Layout ManualThis manual, using photographs and illustrations, covers the layout of everything from basic to complex intersecting roof systems with square timbers using the Alpha Protractor.


 Product # Price Description
F-12-626 $25.00 Roof Layout Manual; 46 pages; Dietrich’s AG (soft cover).

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Log Building Videos

This set of 9 videos, each approximately 60 minutes long, was created by B. Allan Mackie and is packed with information and designed for the serious builder. Narrated by B. Allan Mackie himself, they contain everything you need to know to construct your own state-of-the-art home with consideration of the ecology in mind.

BUILDING WITH LOGS complete 9 set educational video guide to log building.

  • 1) Introduction – This introductory video outlines the general requirements and preparations for working on a log building. It emphasizes serious safety instructions, particularly chain saw safety.
  • 2) Tools and Terms – Demonstrates the necessary tools and explains log building terminology.
  • 3) House Start – Preparation of building site and instructions for setting up pre-building site.
  • 4) Basic Building – This video demonstrates a basic saddle notch practice technique and shows the complete procedure for placing a log on the building.
  • 5) Other Notches I – Step-by-step instructions for the Blind Dovetail Notch, Lock Notch and Square Notch.
  • 6) Other Notches II – Step-by-step instructions for the Round Notch, Blind Wall Notch, Dovetail Notch and Post Notch.
  • 7) Walls, Windows and Doors – Basic instruction for wall construction and control, openings for windows and doors and instructions for electrical access.
  • 8) Joists and Beams/Roof Systems I – Complete instructions on placing second floor beams and for post and beam roof system.
  • 9) Roof Systems II – Step-by-Step detail on building king post trusses.


 Product # Price Description
G-12-750 $400.00 Building With Logs 9 set VHS video; B. Allan Mackie; approximately 60 minutes each. Each VHS is individually boxed.
G-12-750B $55.00 Order VHS single video by number - see list above
G-12-751 $400.00 Building With Logs 9 set DVD video; B. Allan Mackie; approximately 60 minutes each - available as a boxed set
G-12-751B $55.00 Order DVD single video by number - see list above


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