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Hand Forged Specialty Tools

We have contracted a tool manufacturer to build us some specialized hand forged tools unique to the log construction industry. We try to carry inventory, but because of popular demand and manufacturing time involved, we do run out. Allow plenty of time for delivery.

Gouge Sweep Diagrams

Gouge - Sweeps
     Gouge - Sweeps


FlarenA variation of the slick, this tool is a flat one side and an outcannel bevel on the other. Fitted with a socket fit handle, this tool can be used effectively on either side for planing, dressing and as a clean-up tool. With the bevel side down this tool has been successfully used to replicate a drawknife or adzing effect especially used in restoration work on old buildings as well as on current construction. The larger the flaren, the coarser the drawknife effect. Since they are all forged, sizes might vary somewhat, also lengths of handles.

 Product # Price Description
A-06-411 no longer available Mini flaren; 2 1/8” wide; 24” overall.
B-06-412 NLA Baby flaren; 2 ½” wide; 24” overall. 
C-06-413 NLA Small flaren; 3” wide; 24” overall.
D-06-417 $146.00 Medium flaren; 3 ½” wide 25 ½” overall.
D-06-414 NLA Medium flaren; 4” wide; 25 ½” overall.   
E-06-415 $172.00 Large flaren; 4-1/2” wide; 28 ½” overall.
F-06-416 $189.00 X-Large flaren; 5 3/8” to 5 ¾” wide; 28 ½” overall.
F-06-416H NLA Same size as #416 above except larger socket and heavier weight.   

Paddle FLaren

This is a heavier variation of the flaren for those who want some extra size and heft.
(shown as #J in image above).

 Product # Price Description
J-06-420 $162.00 Medium paddle flaren; 3 ¾” to 4” wide; 32” overall.
J-06-419 NLA Paddle flaren; 3/8” thick; 4 7/8” cutting width; 34” overall.
J-06-418 NLA Paddle flaren; 5/16” thick; 4 ¾” cutting width; 34” overall.

Scarf & flat slicks

Scarf & Flat SlicksScarf slicks have a slightly curved profile front to back, a fishtail style blade and a slightly curved (#2 sweep) cutting edge. They are especially useful in finishing scarfs. Flat slicks have a flat bottom and a square nose and are especially useful for surface planing and mortise and tenon joinery.



 Product # Price Description
K-06-423 NLA 2 1/8” mini scarf slick; 25” overall.
K-06-427 NLA 2-7/8” baby scarf slick; 25” overall. (short version) 
L-06-428 NLA 3” scarf slick; 27” overall. (short version)
L-06-458 $167.00 3-1/2"” scarf slick 27” overall.
M-06-429 $172.00 4” scarf slick; 34” overall.
M-06-459 NLA 4 ¼” scarf slick; 34” overall.
M-06-461 NLA 4 ½” scarf slick; hi-rise; heavy socket; 34” overall.
N-06-424 NLA 2” light flat slick; 34” overall.
N-06-425 NLA 2 5/16” heavy flat slick; 5/8” thick tapering blade; 37” overall.
N-06-430 $199.00 3-1/4"” medium "Fat Boy"slick; 34” overall. (Buffalo Forge)
N-06-425 NLA 3 ½” heavy flat slick; ¾” thick tapering blade; 37” overall.

Socket hand gouges

Socket Hand GougesThese hand gouges in various sweeps are very useful when working on laterals, notches, cleaning out cat-faces and when working on any other curved surfaces.

We now make up sculpting gouges using a Pfeil fishtail gouge and a Robert Sorby slick handle. These wind up at 24" overall and come in number 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8 sweeps and 2-3/8" widths. Picture can be Emailed if desired. These have been very well accepted.



 Product # Price Description
R-06-439 $179.00 Sculpting & all purpose gouge; #3 sweep profile blade; 2-3/8” wide; outshave style; 24” overall; (very popular all purpose tool).  
J-06-438 $179.00 Sculpting & all purpose gouge; same specs as #439 above except #2 sweep.   
Q-06-437 $182.00 Sculpting & all purpose gouge; #5 sweep; 2-3/8” wide; outshave style; 24” overall; (very popular). 
P-06-435 $186.00 Sculpting & all purpose gouge; #7 sweep; 2-3/8” wide; outshave style; 24” overall.
S-06-436 $189.00

Sculpting & all purpose gouge; #8 sweep; 2-3/8” wide; outshave style; 24" overall.

T-06-433 NLA Large gouge; #4 sweep; 3 ½” wide; outshave; 26” overall.
T-06-434 NLA Large gouge; #7 sweep; 3 ¾”  wide; outshave; 26” overall.
S-06-467 NLA Pocket gouge; #9 sweep; 1 ¾” to 2” wide; outcannel; 22: overall.     

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Shovel gouge

Shovel GougeThis is a medium weight tool used for removing wood from the lateral groove and finishing to the scribe line. A fairly heavy weight tool with a #9 U-shaped sweep.





 Product # Price Description
S-06-467 NLA Pocket gouge; #9 sweep; 1 ¾” to 2” wide; outcannel; 22" overall; (especially useful for cleaning out cat-faces).
G-06-421 NLA 2” wide; 1 ½” deep scoop; made of 5/16” material; 36” overall.     `
G-06-469 $239.00 2” wide; 1 ½” deep scoop; made of 3/8” material; 38” overall.
G-06-422 NLA 2 ½” wide; 1 ½” deep scoop; made of  3/8” material; 36” overall.


ScorpAlso known as a gouge knife, this tool is extremely useful in cleaning out and finishing lateral notches to the scribe line. It comes sharpened on front and back edge to facilitate cutting on pull stroke and on the push stroke where the grain runs across the scribe line.


 Product # Price Description
A-06-400 $269.00 2” U-shaped cutting edge; 1 ¾” inside width; 23” handle spread; 3” drop cup.

Barr Hand Forged Specialty tools

Hand forging with hammers compresses the steel, introducing more carbon into a smaller area. After annealing, the tools are quenched, then tempered to the proper hardness. This process produces a superior edge that maintains its edge longer. All slicks, chisels and gouges come with socket fitted handles with steel shock rings on those that are meant to be struck. All are attractively finished, sharpened and ready to use. Many current owners can attest to their quality.

Flat & Scarf Socket Slicks

Flat & Scarf Socket Slicks

Dressing hewn timbers, cleaning up corners, and dove-tailed timber work are a few applications for these fine tools.





 Product # Price Description
P-06-448 NLA 1 ½” special flat slick; 28” overall; (if fitted with a chisel handle, it will double as a framing chisel in a pinch)
Q-06-453 NLA 2” special flat slick; 28” overall.
U-06-442 $229.00 2 ½” small flat slick; 29” overall.
T-06-441 $249.00 2 ½” large flat slick; 31” overall.
Y-06-463 $275.00 3 1/2” X-large “Fat Boy” flat slick; 31” overall.  
S-06-440 $249.00 3 ¼” scarf slick; slightly curved base & cutting edge; #2 sweep; fishtail design; 32” overall.
V-06-443 $219.00 2 ½” wide large push gouge; #3 sweep; outcannel; 29” overall
S-06-440R $35.95 Replacement slick handle.

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Socket Framing Chisels

Socket Framing ChiselsA must on any timber framing site. Our most popular timber framing chisels.

Bench Chisels

Similar to framing chisels but only 12" long.

 Product # Price Description
XA-06-445 $209.99 1” wide socket chisel; 17” overall.
XB-06-446 $209.99 1 ½” wide socket chisel; 17” overall.  
XC-06-447 $209.99 2” wide socket chisel; 17” overall.









Set of 3 chisels; 1”, 1 ½”, 2”.

1-1/2" socket framing chisel, 17" overall (Buffalo Forge)

2" socket framing chisel, 17" overall (Buffalo Forge) clearance

1" wide bench chisel.

RB-06-455 $185.00 1 ½” wide bench chisel. 
RC-06-455 $185.00 2” wide bench chisel.
RG-06-456 NLA 1 ½” x 12” power gouge; 5/8” shaft; fits Makita HM0810
WG-06-444 $169.00 1 ½” wide small gouge; #5 sweep; outcannel; 13” overall.  
X-06-447H $20.95 Replacement handle.

Corner and Swan Neck ChiselsCorner Chisel

Hand-forged of high carbon steel, shaped to 90 degrees, and flat ground. Priceless for cleaning out the square corners on mortises.

Swan Neck Chisel

Hand-forged and tempered through the curves, this tool is a real time-saver for cleaning out the bottom of mortises.

 Product # Price Description
RY-06-449 $249.00 7/8” x 7/8” socket corner chisel; 18” overall; incannel.








1 ¼” swan neck chisel; for cleaning out mortises.

Socket corner chisel; 7/8" X 7/8" X 18" overall (Buffalo Forge)

Swan neck chisel; 1-1/4" X 17" overall. (Buffalo Forge)

Hand Forged Drawknives

Hand Forged DrawknivesThese Barr drawknives are designed and balanced for the utmost in user control and comfort. They are to be used with  the bevel side down.






 Product # Price Description
ZA-06-409 $256.00 5 lb. large drawknife; 3” wide; 3/8” x 12” blade; 25” handle spread.
ZB-06-410 $238.00 4 lb. medium drawknife; 3” wide; 3/8” x 9 ½” blade; 22” handle spread.   





Carver’s drawknife; 1 ½” wide; 5/16” x 6 ½” blade; 19” handle spread; great for furniture, railing or spindle shaping.


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