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Sanding Pads and Brushes

Osborn buffing cup brushes

Shaping ToolsHeavily filled with nylon filaments which are impregnated with silicon carbide 80 grit. Especially useful in removing old finish and for smoothing sanded surfaces. Although they are rated for 6000 RPM, performance and longevity is best when used at 1500 to 1800 RPM, which is best achieved with a good heavy duty variable speed polisher.

Features and Benefits

Bristles flare out when in use which helps to reach in "laterals" and notch areas. Nylon bristles leave fine finish and won't burn or mark your log. Won't rust or leave potential stains like metal brushes. Brushes come round or square. Square act more aggressively.

 Product # Price Description
A-21-910 $67.95 4" diameter brush, 1 1/2" round bristles, 80 grit
B-21-911 $94.95 6" diameter brush, 1 1/2" round bristles, 80 grit
C-21-912 $115.95 6" diameter brush, 2" square bristles, 80 grit