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Cannon Carver & Supermini Professional Bars

Manufactured since 1955, Cannon bars have long been renowned as state of the art in the chainsaw industry. One of the big features of Cannon bars is that the groove is machined as opposed to being ground for mass produced bars. This results in the groove being more precise right from new. Every Cannon bar is also put through rigorous quality assurance checks prior to packaging. The steel used in their manufacturing is also harder resulting in at least several times the life of mass produced bars by customer own testimonials. Although costing somewhat more than mass produced bars, the benefits and longevity are well worth the price.

Cannon has long made the regular Super felling bar, then the carving bar, and more recently has undertaken to manufacturing the Super Mini Professional bar which was once manufactured by Windsor before they were bought out.

IMPORTANT: When ordering bars, we require the following information to get you the right bar.

  • Make and model of your chainsaw
  • Length of bar required
  • Pitch of chain and thickness gauge of driver being used. If 3/8” pitch, whether it is “regular 3/8” pitch (larger) or “Low Profile” (smaller)

Carving Bar and Mini Pro Bar

Carving BarCarving Bar

Originally designed by Cannon for woodcarving, this small radius hard nose bar has since been utilized by log builders. With its one inch nose diameter, it is invaluable for cutting out electrical outlets, mortise and tenon joinery, and just about any place where a narrow cut is required. Available in .050” gauge groove.

Now available with dime, quarter and toonie tips and in .043" and .050" gauge

Super Mini Pro Bar

Cannon made Super Mini Pro bar with a 2" diameter replaceable sprocket nose tip. Available for most popular saws in regular 3/8", .325" and 3/8" pitch. Available in .050" gauge groove only.

Sandvik Mini Pro Bar

We have a few of the original Windsor mini pro bars in 16” length only to fit larger Stihl saws and can be bushed down for larger Husky.

 Product # Price Description
J-08-537 $131.00 8" carving bar
J-08-538 $161.00 12" carving bar
J-08-539 $184.00 14" carving bar
J-08-540 $205.00 16” carving bar.
J-08-544 $247.00 20” carving bar.
K-08-546 $165.00 16” Super Mini Pro bar.
K-08-547 $181.00 18" Super Mini Pro bar.
K-08-548 $198.00 20" Super Mini Pro bar.
K-08-550 $231.00 24" Super Mini Pro bar.
K-08-551 $261.00 28" Super Mini Pro bar.
K-08-552 $295.00 32" Super mini Pro bar.
W-08-726 $89.99 16” Mini Pro bar Sandvik. (fits Stihl only)
L-08-568 $206.00 20" Cannon Super bar.


$240.00 24" Cannon Super bar.
L-08-571 $272.00 28" Cannon Super bar.
L-08-572 $309.00 32" Cannon Super bar.
L-08-573 $358.00 36" Cannon Super bar.
L-08-574 $415.00 42" Cannon Super bar.
L-08-575 $641.00 50" Cannon Super Bar.
L-08-576 $779.00 60" Cannon Super bar.


$928.00 72" Cannon Super bar.





84" Cannon Super bar

20" Oregon Solid Pro bar

O-08-579 $129.00 24" Oregon Solid Pro bar.
O-08-580 $149.00 28" Oregon Solid Pro bar.
O-08-581 $169.00 32" Oregon Solid Pro bar.





36" Oregon Solid Pro bar.

37" Oregon Solid Pro bar. (.058" gauge)

O-08-583 $209.00 42" Oregon Solid Pro bar.


Chainsaw accessories

Sanvik Mini Pro BarChainsaw accessories includes parts for repair of chainsaw chains, files for sharpening, rakers and sprocket rims, and sprocket nose tips.






 Product # Price Description
A-08-560 $28.95 Replacement Mini Pro tips regular 3/8”; .325”; 3/8” Low Pro.
A-08-560S $27.95 Replacement tip Cannon Super bar regular 3/8".
B-08-561 $10.95 Replacement sprocket rims all pitches; small and large spline.



.41/drive link




Oregon chainsaw chain regular 3/8”; .325”; 3/8” Low Pro.,1/4" or .404" pitch

Regular 3/8”; 3/8” Low Pro.

.325” pitch.

1/4" pitch

.404" pitch



$2.20 each

Chainsaw files 7/32”; 13/64”; 3/16”; 5/32”.
E-08-553 $13.60 File holder and handle; shows angle; all file sizes.
F-08-554 $2.75 Raker depth gaugits; choice of .025”, .030”, .040”.





Flat raker file; 8 inch Nicholson

Flat raker file; 6 inch

x-08-541 $10.95 Various Cannon bar stud adapters

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