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Peeling Tools

Custom Drawknives

Custom DrawknivesThese heavy duty log builder drawknives are manufactured from spring steel milled to a 23 degree edge and tempered to a 59 Rockwell hardness. This resists chipping while still maintaining a sharp edge. A sharpening stone should be used to touch up the edge. The tapered handles are angled and bonded epoxy to steel. This provides user comfort by minimizing hand slippage and finger cramping while still providing the user with maximum blade control. The handles are positioned for drawknife to be used in the bevel down position. The two handle spreads are enough to peel most size logs while the different weights enable the removal of small knots and stubborn bark.  

 Product # Price Description
B-02-142 $205.00

5 lb. heavy wt. ; 3” wide 5/16” thick blade; 27” handle spread, 13" blade (popular model)

C-02-165 $215.00 5 3/4 lb. ; 3” wide 3/8" thick blade; 28” handle spread, 14" blade.
C-02-167 $249.00 7 lb. super heavy wt. ; 3” wide 3/8” thick straight blade; 30” handle spread, 16" blade. This knife is an anniversary edition and we only have a few left.



Various DrawknivesWe offer a variety of light, medium and heavy weight specialty drawknives.

Light weight suitable for spindle, rail and post peeling and shaping.

 Product # Price Description
P-02-114 $47.95 1-1/4 lb.Stubai (Austrian) 18" handle spread, similar to "D" 

Oxhead (sorry no picture at present)
D-02-115 $69.95 1-¼  lb. light wt. Oxhead, 18” handle spread.
E-02-116 $99.95 1-½ lb. light wt. Oxhead; 16” handle spread, curved blade.
F-02-119 $85.95 Medium wt; 13” blade; 22” handle spread; most popular model
F-02-120 $65.95 Light wt.; 10" blade; 19" handle spread


no longer available

Dixie light wt.; 10” blade; 19” handle spread

G-02-118 $99.95 Dixie medium wt.; 13” blade; 22” handle spread
H-02-169 no longer available

8-1/2 lb. super heavy wt. ; 1/2 ” x 4” x 12” Zamboni blade; 23 degree cutting edge; 26” handle spread; our heaviest drawknife.


Peeling SpudsSpuds are useful in removal of thin or loose bark or when sap is running. We stock a wide variety of light, medium and heavy weight spuds.

N is a very popular and well priced model; handle required.

 Product # Price Description
J-02-125 no longer available Oxhead light weight spud head; 4 ½” blade. (Handle required)


$64.95 Oxhead light weight spud head; 5 ½” concave blade. (Handle required)
L-02-127 $87.95 Oxhead light weight spud head; 6” wide blade. (Handle required)
M-02-135 $64.95 Medium wt. spud head; double bevel edge; 4” blade; suitable for cedar or loose bark. (Handle required)
N-02-134 $59.95 3 ½ lb. heavy wt. spud head; 4” blade; single bevel to control dig; especially useful for stubborn bark.This is by far our most popular spud with D-handle or ash heavy wt. handle. (Handle required) A 39" handle is sufficient for this long spud head unless you are very tall.

Spud handles

Spud HandlesVariety of handles ranging from light weight to heavy duty for your spud heads.

 Product # Price Description
C-02-129 $29.95 Ash D-handle medium wt. 35”  (popllar choice)
D-02-130 $28.95 Ash heavy wt. handle 39” (most popular choice)
D-02-131 $29.95 Ash heavy wt. handle 48” Over 39" $10.00 shipping surcharge applies.

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