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Specialized Accessories


Heavy Persuader HammerThis heavy hammer is very useful in moving timbers or logs to their “final fit” position without marking or damaging. This is a deadblow style hammer with a hard composite rubber head and rubber-gripped PVC handle with a fibreglass core. Caution should be taken to use on flat surfaces only as damage could occur to rubber head if struck on corners or sharp surfaces.

 Product # Price Description
D-08-780 $59.95 Deadblow hammer; 8 lb. head 4” x 4” x 7”; 30” PVC handle; over 11 lb. overall.

Log Cleats

Log CleatsLog cleats are used for holding a log in a certain position so it does not turn or for rolling a log on one spot when on intersecting walls. One style comes with two sets of sharp lugs enabling it to hold small to medium size logs. Another style is heavier and higher to hold large logs. Both styles are now re-inforced with a welded gusset to help prevent them from straightening out. They come as a pair attached with a 3 foot cord which allows them to be thrown over a log when not in use.

 Product # Price Description
A-08-521 NLA Log cleat with gusset; pair; ¼” x 2” material; 4” high.


Double lug log cleat with gusset; pair; ¼” x 2” material; 4” high.
N-08-523 NLA

Heavy duty log cleat with gusset; pair; 5/16” x 2” material; 5” high.

Log cleats are not available at present time, possibly in future if we find another manufacturer.

Shake Froe

Shake FroeThis tool is used to split shakes (usually cedar) from blocks. To be hit with nylon or wooden mallet.


 Product # Price Description
G-08-520 $54.90 Shake froe; 2 ½” x 15” blade; 16” hardwood handle.


































Shake froe; 5160 Alloy steel blade; 16" x 2”; 18” hickory handle.


Heavy duty Barr (USA) hand-forged froe, square handle eye,

13" blade, nice wide blde taper, handle included. Photo can be Emailed upon request.

Same as above except 16" blade, photo upon request.



Innovative shake froe mallets with very durable replaceable     4-1/2" diameter X 3" long polyurethane insert sandwiched on both sides by 1/2" thick steel washers.  Washer thickness can be varies to obtain 5 - 6-1/2 lbs. total weight.  If you have never used one of these, you will be amazed. This polyurethane  material is so durable that it is used as wear strips in the sawmill industry. Photo available upon request.

Same construction as above except 5" diameter X 3-1/2" long replaceable insert. Total weight 7-1/2 lbs. Photo upon request.


Self Rewinding Loggers TapeThese steel body tapes are durable and when worn on belt, allows one to measure with hands free operation.

 Product # Price Description
B-08-524 $87.95 50 ft. /15 metre; self-rewinding logger’s tape; release hook
C-08-525 $96.95 75 ft. / 23 metre; self-rewinding logger’s tape; release hook end.
C-08-526 $96.95 75 ft. both sides; self-rewinding logger’s tape; release hook end.
D-08-528 $114.95 100 ft. self-rewinding logger’s tape; release hook end
F-08-527 $8.70 Release hook tape end.

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Minature Carving Tool SetMERLIN is a complete miniature carving set that features “the world’s smallest chainsaw” mounted on a Proxxon long neck mini grinder. The grinder features a variable speed from 6500 to 13,000 rpm. The set includes a variety of 2” diameter accessories and comes in a custom molded case. Ideal for start to finish detail on wood and carving projects. Also creates textures and patterns.


 Product # Price Description



MERLIN grinding set in case; includes Proxxon variable speed grinder, chainsaw grinding wheel and accessories.             
K-08-811 $15.95 MERLIN replacement chain; 8 tooth chain circlet.


Lancelot Woodcarving ToolThe Lancelot woodcarving wheel mounts on an angle grinder and is especially useful for quick major wood removal in the carving or sculpting process. It features a chainsaw chain circlet mounted between two 3” plates and mounts on a 4” or 4 ½” angle grinder with a 5/8” or 7/8” arbor. Chain circlets are resharpenable or replaceable. The versatility and ease of operation of this tool is amazing. You have to use it to appreciate the speed and smoothness of cut. Choose the 22 tooth (smaller cutter) for finer finish or 14 tooth (larger cutter) for quicker wood removal. The 5/8” arbor wheels can be stacked for quicker, wider wood removal.

 Product # Price Description
A-08-812 $58.50 14 tooth wheel; 5/8” arbor; 4” overall diameter.
A-08-813 $58.50 14 tooth wheel; 7/8” arbor; 4” overall diameter.
B-08-815 $58.50 22 tooth wheel; 5/8” arbor; 4” overall diameter.
B-08-816 $58.50 22 tooth wheel; 7/8” arbor; 4” overall diameter.
C-08-814 $31.90 14 tooth replacement circlet.
D-08-817 $31.90 22 tooth replacement circlet.
E-08-818 $12.95 Universal nut for 5/8” arbor.


Scribe Leveler PlateWhen this tool is attached with screws to a convenient, stable base and adjusted plumb with its several adjustments, it then is invaluable in quickly and easily levelling your scribers.


This tool is extremely useful whenever it is necessary to accurately transfer a line from one side of a log to another such as in marking window and door cut-outs.

 Product # Price Description
M-08-685 $149.99 Scribe leveller plate.
N-08-686 $229.00 Aluminum line transfer caliper; 24” maximum opening.

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Haglof CalipersThese calipers are very useful in quickly and accurately measuring the diameter of a log. This is especially useful in picking the next log with the right amount of taper in its length. Both Sandvik and Haglof are manufactured in Sweden.

Haglof Calipers

These Swedish calipers are sturdily built and are very accurate. The beam and jaws are aluminum and the slider is durable polyurethane. They come in a full range of sizes and in Imperial and metric calibrations. They are marked on both sides of the beam.


 Product # Price Description

$54.95      SPECIAL

Sandvik caliper; aluminum beam; poly jaws; 0-50 cm. Metric      calibrations only.
Y-08-722 $156.95 Haglof Caliper; Imperial 18” / metric 50 cm.
Y-08-724 $156.95 Haglof Caliper; Imperial 18” both sides.
Y-08-711 $186.95 Haglof Caliper; Imperial 24” both sides.
Y-08-723 $186.95 Haglof Caliper; Imperial 24” / metric 65 cm.
Y-08-712 $199.95 Haglof Caliper; Imperial 30” both sides.
Y-08-713 out of stock Haglof Caliper; Imperial 30” / metric 80 cm.
Y-08-714 $224.95 Haglof Caliper; Imperial 36” both sides.
Y-08-715 out of stock Haglof Caliper; Imperial 36” / metric 95 cm.  

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Alpha Protractor Layout Tool

This German quality tool, made from stainless steel, is especially useful for the layout of stair stringers, rafters and all other beams in timber frame construction. The oval holes in the short beam enable you to drag pencil lines parallel to the edge – a convenient and fast way to lay out mortises. We now stock protractors in Imperial and metric calibrations.

Alpha Protractor             Alpha Protractor

 Product # Price Description
P-08-736 $159.95 Protractor; Imperial 17” x 31 ¼” beams in 1/16” graduations; 0 to 90 degrees in ½ degree increments; slots are spaced ¼” apart.
P-08-736S $189.95 As above including extra 12-1/2" x 31-1/2" square.
S-08-742 $159.95 Protractor; Metric 430 x 795 mm. beams in 1 mm. graduations; 0 to 90 degrees in ½ degree increments; slots are spaced 5 mm. apart.
S-08-742S $189.95 As above including extra 320 x 800 mm. square.
T-08-744 $179.95 Protractor; Metric 480 x 900 mm. beams in 1 mm. graduations; 0 to 90 degrees in ¼ degree increments; slots are spaced 5 mm. apart.
T-08-744S $209.95 As above including extra 320 x 800 mm. square.l
P-08-737 $39.95 Flexible layout square; Imperial 12-1/2" x 31-1/2" beams in 1/16" graduations; slots on short beam spaced 1/4" apart.
S-08-743 $39.95 Flexible layout square; Metric 320 x 800 mm. beams in 1 mm.   graduations; slots are spaced 5 mm. apart
R-08-729 $25.00 Roof layout manual; covers from simple to complex roof systems; 46 pages.


Adjustable Chainsaw GuideThis adjustable chain saw guide, when combined with your own jig, will allow you to repeatedly make accurate dovetails on square or round stock. Jig cutting will save time by reducing costly cutting mistakes and by eliminating time-consuming layout on the work piece. Complete kit includes guide assembly, allen wrench, setting gauge, cobalt drill bit, and mounting instruction video.

 Product # Price Description
D-08-663 $249.99 EDM Tracer II kit.

Log Horse

Log HorseThis tool is used to cradle a free end log while scribing. It consists of two durable polyurethane wedges slipped on a threaded rod. By adjusting the nut on the rod, the right height is obtained for the log. One end of the log must be notched to increase stability. Comes plain or with an anchoring rod and pin that can be driven into log below to offer some additional stability.




 Product # Price Description
A-08-514 $61.50 Log horse; 2” x 3” x 7 ½” high wedge.
B-08-515 $74.50 Log horse; 2” x 3” x 7 ½” high wedge; c/w anchor rod and pin.
C-08-517 $99.95 Log horse; 2”’ x 4” x 11 ½” high wedge; c/w anchor rod and pin.

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log Settlers


Also known as screwjacks, these settlers are used where supports, usually posts, need adjustment as the building settles.

NOTE: the ratings shown are a guide only and are not to be used in lieu of engineering approval.






 Product # Price Description
U-08-518 $52.90

Settler; 5” x 5” x ½” square plate; 1” x 12” long GR8 NC rod; sand colour; rated 57,200 lbs. vertical.

U-08-510 $89.90 Settler; 6” x 6” x ½” square plate; 1-1/4” x 12” long GR8 NC rod; sand colour; rated 88,000 lbs. vertical.


$65.90 Settler; 6” x 6” x ½” square plate; 1” x 12” long GR8 NC rod; sand colour; rated 57,200 lbs. vertical.
U-08-513 no longer available Settler; 6" x 6" x 1/2" square plate; double 1" x 12" long GR8 NC rods; sand colour; rated 114,400 lbs. vertical.



Settler; 8” x 8” x 1/2” square plate; 1 ¼” x 12” long GR8 NC rod; sand colour; rated 102,000 lbs. vertical.


Counter-Bores, Pilots, Springs, timber washers

Where the building code requires thru-bolts to run the full vertical height of the log wall, these tools and accessories are necessary items. After your thru-bolt hole is drilled, these counter bores can be combined with the appropriate pilot to drill the counter-sink hole for the appropriate washer, or the counter-bore can be combined with the shark bit to drill the countersink hole in glue lams.





 Product # Price Description






Counter-bore; 1-1/2" O.D. for USS flatwashers; requires pilot.

Counter-bore; 2 ¼” O.D.; for USS flat washers; (requires pilot).

B-08-761 $99.85 Counter-bore; 3 ¼” O.D.; for timber washers; (requires pilot).
C-08-762 $28.50 Counter-bore pilot; 7/8” x 6” long; for use in 1” hole.
D-08-763 $31.50 Counter-bore pilot; 1 1/8” x 6” long; for use in 1 ¼” hole.
E-08-764 $59.95 Shark bit; 13/16” diameter x 9” long; requires counter-bore.





1/2" galvanized timber washer; 2-1/2" O.D.

5/8” galvanized timber washer; 2-5/8” O.D.

G-08-766 $1.38 ¾” galvanized timber washer; 3” O.D.



Thru-bolt compression spring; 6 ½” long; 1.1” I.D.; 1.75” O.D.; 5/16” coil

H-08-771 no longer available Thru-bolt compression spring;   same specs as above except 4-1/2" overall length.
H-08-772 $4.75 Thru-bolt compression spring;  same specs as above except     3-1/8" overall length.
J-08-768 $24.90 ¾” x 10 ft. plated redi-rod.
K-08-769 $0.27 ¾” USS plated flat washer; 2” O.D.
L-08-770 $0.44 ¾” plated nyloc nut.

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