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Tenon Cutters and Sawtooth Bits

We carry a full range of tenon cutters from the twin blade industrial models which will put a 60 degree shoulder on the tenon to the single blade model which will put a radiused shoulder on the tenon. Tenon cutters are useful for spindle and railing work and for furniture manufacturing.


DESIGN. BUILD. USE. The heat treated T6 aluminum body with rolled threads to retain the blade is very light and durable. The easy to use leveling bubble and depth setting assure perfect tenons every time.

The TTG tenon maker cuts a 60 degree shoulder tenon in record time. For those of you who are tired of wrestling with a radius shoulder cutter or simply want the best go no further. Some of our customers cut up to 400 tenons a day with this cutter and are amazed at the 18% tungsten blade life.

This CNC machined tool is made to exacting standards to assist you in building beautiful log furniture and railings that you can be truly proud of.


Finally a multi-tenon cutter that really works. We offer two multi-cutters that each will quickly cut three different sizes of tenon. Start with the larger diameter, and if you want a different smaller size, simply drop in the collar and secure it. Move the blade into place and the unit is ready to use. Cut a perfect 60 degree shoulder every time.

Features and Benefits

  • Machined from tough T6 heat treated aluminum for durability
  • Single replaceable & sharpenable blade
  • Tenon length controlled by moving shaft in or out, and set screw lock
  • 1/2" chuck end on a 3/4" keyed shaft
  • Levelling bubble

Log Tenon CuttersLog Tenon CuttersLog Tenon Cutters

 Product # Price Description
A-08-852 $259.00 1 1/2" multi cutter, up to 4" stock when cutting 1 1/2" tenon, 1/2" shaft, single blade, includes collars for 3/4" & 1" tenon
B-08-853 $379.00 3" multi-cutter, up to 5 1/2" stock when cutting 3" tenon, 1/2" shaft, single blade, includes collars for 2" & 2 1/2" tenon.







Combination of both the 1 1/2" and 3" multi tenon cutters & their collars.

NEW 2" multi-cutter, up to 4-1/2" stock when cutting 2" tenon, 1/2" shaft, single blade, includes collars for 1" and 1-1/2" tenon. Do  most spindle and railing jobs with this single cutter. Also do most furniture projects with this versatile cutter.



Log Tenon CuttersLog Tenon Cutters

 Product # Price Description
D-08-855 $189.00 1 1/2" tenon, 1/2" shaft, single blade, up to 4" stock, up to 2 1/2" tenon length







2" tenon, 1/2" shaft, single blade, up to 4-1/2" stock, up to 3-1/2" long tenon.                                                                                           1-1/2" tenon, TWIN BLADE CUTTER, 1/2" shaft, up to 4" stock, 2-1/2" long tenon.

E-08-857 $265.00

2" tenon, TWIN BLADE CUTTER, 1/2" shaft, up to 4 1/2" stock 3 1/2" long tenon

E-08-860 $339.00

3" tenon, TWIN BLADE CUTTER, 1/2" or 3/4" shaft (please specify choice) 5-1/2" stock, up to 4-1/4" long tenon.

E-08-858 $475.00 Combination of both 1-1/2" & 2" TWIN BLADER CUTTERS
E-08-859 $799.00 Combination of all 3 (1-1/2", 2", & 3") TWIN BLADE CUTTERS. GREAT DEAL!
D-08-855R $29.90 Replacement blade 18% tungsten steel, for 1 1/2" single & multi cutters
D-08-856R $29.90 Replacement blade 18% tungsten steel, for all 2" & 3" cutters



Our industrial tenon cutters are self-centering and feature twin carbon steel blades which enable them to quickly produce an appealing and professional looking tenon with a 60 degree shoulder. We carry two different brands each with their own features and benefits. For maximum efficiency and safety, the drill used should have a maximum RPM of 500. For tenons 2” and larger, a ¾” drill is recommended. A countersink is also available to flare out the hole drilled for the tenon allowing it to accept the tapered shoulder of the tenon. This allows for a stronger and tighter shoulder fit especially on rails.


Features and Benefits:

  • Machined from high grade industrial aluminum for strength and durability.
  • Twin high carbon steel blades for quick cutting action.
  • Blades replaceable and sharpenable.
  • Shaft acts as a stop with set screw for consistently same length each time.
  • Blades butt against shoulder for easy set.
  • Built in level.
  • Choice of ½” or ¾” shaft.

The taper countersink (#B) is used to flare out the front of the hole drilled out for the tenon. This allows the fitting of the tenon and the shoulder thus creating a stronger fit especially on rails.



 Product # Price Description
A-08-820 $349.00 1” tenon; up to 3” stock size; up to 2” tenon length; twin blade
A-08-821 $379.00 1 ½” tenon; up to 4” stock size; up to 2” tenon length; twin blade
A-08-822 $399.00 2” tenon; up to 4 ½” stock size; up to 3 ¼” tenon length; twin blade
A-08-822LT NLA

2" tenon; up to 5" stock; up to 3-1/4" tenon length; twin


A-08-823 $499.00 2 9/16” tenon; up to 5” stock size; up to 3 ½” tenon length; twin blade
A-08-824 $539.00 3” tenon; up to 5 ½” stock size; up to 3 ½” tenon length; twin blade
A-08-819 $639.00 3-5/8" tenon; up to 6" stock size; up to 3-1/2" tenon length; twin blade.
A-08-825 $669.00 4” tenon; up to 6” stock size; up to 3 ½” tenon length; twin blade
B-08-826 $89.00 Taper countersink; 1” or 1 ½”. (Specify which size you want)
B-08-827 $99.00 Taper countersink; 2”, 2 9/16”, 3”. These are 3 different countersinks. please specify which size you want.
C-08-828 $45.00 Spare blade set; pair; up to 3”.
C-08-828-4 $55.00 Spare blade set; pair; 4”.
D-08-829 $29.00 Spare shaft; ½” or ¾”.

Lumberjack Tenon Cutters

Lumberjack Tenon CuttersFeatures and Benefits:

  • Machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum for maximum strength and yet light weight.
  • Twin blades of hardened steel.
  • Patented “IN-SIGHT” window measurement system of slots and radial grooves at ½” intervals lets user see and measure tenon length during cutting.
  • ½” shaft standard.
  • Blades replaceable and sharpenable.






 Product # Price Description
E-08-830 NLA 1” tenon; up to 3 ½” stock size; up to 3” tenon length.
E-08-831 $379.00 1 ½” tenon; up to 4” stock size; up to 3” tenon length.
E-08-832 $599.00

2” tenon; up to 7” stock size; up to 3” tenon length.

Note that this cutter will put a 2" tenon on material size up to 7". A SUPER SIZE CUTTER

E-08-833 NLA 2 9/16” tenon; up to 5” stock size; up to 3 ½” tenon length.
F-08-834 $55.00 Replaceable blades; pair; any size.

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This anodized aluminum body tenon cutter features a single blade that will cut a smooth tenon with a radiused shoulder, is balanced to eliminate vibration, and features an integral level that makes in line cutting more accurate. The three smaller sizes can be powered by a 3/8” drill and cut a 2 ¾” long tenon. The 1 ½” and 2” cut a 4 ¼” long tenon and require at least a ½” chuck drill capable of turning at less than 500 RPM. A good tool for an individual builder or furniture builder.




 Product # Price Description
G-08-717 $89.00 ¾” tenon; up to 2 ¾” tenon length; radius shoulder SPECIAL
G-08-718 NLA 1” tenon; up to 2 ¾” tenon length; radius shoulder.
G-08-719 $123.00 1 ½” tenon; up to 4 ¼” tenon length;radius shoulder.SPECIAL





2” tenon; up to 4 ¼” tenon length; radius shoulder

Replacement blade for radius shoulder cutters

H-08-721 $129.00 1-1/2" tenon; up to 3" tenon length; 60 degree taper shoulder
H-08-722 $134.00 2" tenon; up to 3"tenon length; 60 degree shoulder; no illustr.
J-08-839T $24.50 Replacement main blade for taper tenon cutters  1-1/4" to 2"
K-08-840 $9.95 Blade sharpening drum 1 ½”. for sharpening radius blades
L-08-841 $7.50 3 sharpening sleeves; 80X grit.
L-08-842 $7.50 3 sharpening sleeves; 120X grit.


Self Feed Sawtooth Bits3These bits are designed for drilling large diameter holes quickly and with minimal effort. They feature a spiral center feed, sawtooth circumference cutters and usually twin chip removal blades. These are ideal companion bits for the corresponding tenon cutters. Wide throat allows non-clogging chip removal.

Description 1" 1½ " 2" 2 9/16 3" 3-5/8" 4-5/8"


MAKITA; single; 7/16" shank;

comes with spare center feed.

















WOOD OWL; single; 1/2" shank;
(M-08-844) - Self Feed
$38.30 $44.30 $49.90 $59.90 $115.90 $135.00 $149.00

MAG-BIT; single; 7/16" shank;
(M-08-845) - Self Feed





$51.85 $56.60






Brad Center Sawtooth BitsQuick cutting sawtooth perimeter cutters but require more pressure to feed. Ideally suited for a drill press. Twin center cutters for quick chip removal.

Description 1” 1 ¼” 1 ½” 1 ¾” 2” 2 ½” 2 9/16 3” 4”
double; ½” shank 
(N-08-846) Brad Center          

$17.10 $19.35 $22.05    

double; 3/8” shank
(N-08-847) Brad Center




$16.95 $27.95







double; 1/2" shank
(N-08-847) Brad Center


Brad Center Forstner BitsTwo single outside cutters and two center chip removal cutters suitable for drilling smaller holes up to 1”. Also suitable for drilling overlapping holes.

Description 5/8” ¾” 7/8” 1”
WOOD OWL; double; 3/8” shank   (P-08-848)
Brad Center Forstner Bit
$12.00 $12.90 $13.80 $14.70


Center Feed Sawtooth BitsEconomical way of drilling holes of different diameters with a single bit.

 Product # Price Description
R-08-849 $79.50 Boring range 7/8” to 3”; 11/32” shank; 6 ½” overall length.


Veritas Power Tenon CutterThis combination of the drill carriage and manual clamp makes for hassle free alignment and cutting of tenons. This is especially useful and time saving when cutting numerous spindles for railings or in furniture manufacturing. The drill carriage holds the drill in places on a slide rail frame. The drill carriage, drill and tenon cutter as a unit is manually pushed or slid into the end of the clamped stock, cutting the tenon. The self-centering manual clamp opens up to 5 ¼” and locks into the drill carriage for maximum rigidity. The drill carriage is especially designed to work with the Milwaukee ¾” drill model 1854-1.

 Product # Price Description









Tenon cutter system including drill carriage, frame and self-centering manual clamp. Specify if 1/2" or 3/4" Milwaukee drill. Drill not included.

Same as above but you have ablity to use with both 1/2" or 3/4" Milwaukee drill.

T-14-739 $949.95 Model 1854-1 Milwaukee ¾” drill; 10 amp; 350 RPM; 18 ½” length, 19 lbs. wt.; fits the Barker tenon system
V-14-737 $349.95 Model 1660-6 Milwaukee ½” drill; 7 amp; 450 RPM; 12” length; 11.4 lbs. wt. For use with smaller tenon cutters. Not compatible with Barker tenon system.


Air ClampAnother great innovation for tenon manufacturing. An easily operated air clamp system which securely holds stock from 2 1/2" to 6" while you cut the tenon.

Tested tough in a furniture shop. Comes with air supply connector.




 Product # Price Description
F-08-851 $299.95 Air clamp, complete with air hose connect fitting, holds stock 2 1/2" to 6"

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