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Sharpening Devices, Water Stones and Whetstones

To maintain the cutting edge on your quality tools requires maintenance with a sharpening device. To help you achieve this we provide carborundum stones, Japanese water stones and diamond whetstones.

Shapening Stones











These silicon carbide and aluminum oxide stones can be used wet or dry for sharpening tools. Carborundum Sharpening Stones


 Product # Price Description
F-08-530 $45.50 4” diameter x 1 ½” grooved (finger holds) coarse/ fine silicon carbide stone.
G-08-532 $5.95 8” x 2” x 1” coarse/fine aluminum oxide stone.   
H-08-534 $37.95 6” x 2” x 1 3/8” to 3/16” tapered & concave/convex aluminum oxide gouge stone.
I-08-529 $8.95 8” axe file; fine single cut one side; coarse double cut other side; great for initial sharpening of chopping tools.

Japanese water stones

Japanese Water Stones

These stones are of finer particle composition than a carborundum or Arkansas stone while at the same time maintaining a quick sharpening feature. Use the 1000x to do the primary sharpening and the 4000x to put on the mirror finish. The 8000x Gold stone is the finest particle finishing stone available.



 Product # Price Description
A-08-541 $57.00 1000x taper cone.
B-08-542 $65.00 4000x taper cone.
AB-08-543 $117.00 1000x/4000x set of 2 taper cones.
C-08-545 $44.00 800x stone; 8” x 2 ½” x 1 3/8”.
J-08-535 $45.00 1200x stone; 8” x 2 5/8”  x 1 3/8”.
K-08-536 $86.00 4000x stone; 8” x 2 3/4” x 7/8”; mounted wood base.
L-08-537 $92.00 8000x stone; 7” x 2 ½” x ½”; mounted wood base.
D-08-538 $57.00 1000x/4000x combination stone; 8” x 2” x 1".
E-08-539 $110.00 1000x/4000x combination stone; 8 ¼” x 2 ¾” x 2”.

Diamond whetstones

Diamond Whetstones

The unique construction of diamond crystals bonded in nickel to steel, and a bed of recessed plastic dots, results in a fast cutting action without plugging. Other advantages are that they will sharpen even carbide, maintain their flat base, can be used wet or dry, and will not break if dropped. They come in four color coded grits ranging from extra coarse (220 mesh), coarse (325 mesh), fine (600 mesh), to extra fine (1200 mesh). They also come in many different sizes and styles.

 Product # Price Description
F-08-651 $33.50 Fine grit folding flat file; ¾” tapering to ¼”; ideal for sharpening auger bits.  
P-08-650 $52.50 Fine grit honing cone; convex sharpening surface; 1 ¼” tapering to ¾” x 8” long.
R-08-653 NLA Fine/coarse grit double sided folding sharpener; 7/8” x 4”.
V-08-654 $47.95 Fine grit continuous diamond surface; ideal for sharpening fine edges such as knives and pointed tools; 6” x 2” x ¼”.  
Z-08-649 $22.95 Stand to hold 8” and 10” double sided diamond whetstones.
W-08-659 $128.50 Fine/coarse grit; double-sided 8” x 2 5/8”.  
W-08-660 $128.50 Extra-fine/coarse grit; double-sided; 8” x 2 5/8”.  


Fine/course grit; double-sided; large 10” x 4” size; ideal for those wide slicks.  

X-08-663          $178.50   Extra-fine/coarse grit; double-sided; large 10" x 4" size;


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