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Slicks, Chisels and Gouges

Gouge Sweep Diagrams

Gouge - Sweeps
     Gouge - Sweeps


SlicksThese huge chisels are invaluable as finishing tools for mortise and tenon, planing of door and window sills and notches. One style features the offset socket handle fitting, half oval top surface and absolutely flat bottom planing surface. The stick axe style features a steel handle welded perpendicular to the slick for extra leverage. It is also sharpened to an edge on the two sides giving it an added versatility of being able to cut on three edges. Both styles have excellent steel which tenaciously holds a sharpening.

 Product # Price Description
A-05-305R 24.95 Replacement slick handle
A-05-306 $199.95 Sorby slick; 2-1/2" wide blade; 20" handle; 32" overall.S
A-05-306H $74.95 Leather holster fit 2-1/2" slick.
B-05-307 $214.95 Sorby slick; 3-3/8” wide blade; 20” handle 35” overall.
B-05-307H $79.95 Leather holster fit 3-3/8" slick.
B-05-307R $44.95 Replacement Sorby slick handle


Heavy duty socket framing chisels

Heavy Duty Socket Framing ChiselsMade in England by Henry Taylor, these chisels feature square sided blades, exceptionally long length, and socket fitted handles. The handles are replaceable and have a steel reinforcing ring which helps prevent mushrooming during excessive pounding and extended periods of use. They come sharpened and ready to use. A must on any timber framing project.




 Product # Price Description
D-05-315 $142.95 1” wide blade; 16” overall.
D-05-315H $24.95 Spare handle for above.
E-05-317 $159.95 1 ½” wide blade; 16” overall. 
F-05-319 $172.95 2” wide blade; 17” overall. 
F-05-319H $24.95 Spare handle for above.



SADDLE NOTCH GOUGE -  Made by Henry Taylor; sturdy bent gouge; can be used for scoring the notch, saddle notch and final fitting. (No illustration at this time)

 Product # Price Description
Z-05-320 $107.50 

1-1/2" wide; #7 curved profile bent gouge, double hooped    handle; 12-1/2" overall length.


Socket Firmer Chisels

Socket Firmer, corner and Mortise  ChiselsMade by Henry Taylor, these feature shock absorbing leather tipped and socket fitted handles, bevel edged blades, and a shorter overall length than framing chisels.

Socket corner Chisels

Made in England, it features a socket fitted handle with steel ring and a sturdy blade with an incannel bevel.

mortise Chisels

Made by Henry Taylor, this tool is specifically made for cutting deep slots. it has a steel ring reinforced tang style handle and a very thick square edged blade.




 Product # Price Description
G-05-322 NLA 1” wide blade; 14” overall - Socket firmer chisels
G-05-322H $15.30 Spare handle for above - Socket firmer chisels
H-05-324 NLA 1 ½” wide blade; 14” overall.  - Socket firmer chisels

Heavy duty Timber framing chisels

Heavy Duty Timber Framing ChiselsManufactured in England by Robert Sorby, these chisels feature square edged, strong, Sheffield steel blades, and unusually long lengths. The handles are made of ash and are double steel hooped to withstand repeated mallet blows.

(Image at right also shows Bevel Edge Framing Chisels and Registered Mortise Chisels - see specifications below)

 Product # Price Description
C-05-370 $106.00 1” wide; 20” overall.
B-05-371 $123.00 1 ½” wide; 20” overall.
A-05-372 $155.00 2” wide; 20 ½” overall.
X-05-372S $352.00 Set of 3 chisels. 1",1-1/2", 2"
D-05-373 $226.80 1” x 1” corner chisel; 18 ½” overall; incannel bevel.
C-05-372H $28.00 Spare handle for above group. 

Heavy Duty Bevel Edge Framing Chisels

By Robert Sorby, these are shorter overall length with bevel edge blades. (shown in above image)

 Product # Price Description
P-05-374 $136.00 1” wide; 15 ½” overall.
R-05-375 $169.00 1 ½” wide; 15 ½” overall.
S-05-376 $180.00 2” wide; 15 ¾” overall.
X-05-376S         $452.00 Set of 3 chisels. 1", 1-1/2", 2"
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Registered Mortise Chisels

These Robert Sorby mortise chisels have strong square edged blades and double steel hooped ash handles. (see image above)

 Product # Price Description
K-05-380 $67.00 ½” wide; 11” overall.
K-05-381 $69.00 ¾” wide; 11 ½” overall.
K-05-382 $82.00 1” wide; 12” overall.
L-05-383 $106.00 1 ½” wide; 13” overall.
M-05-384 $123.00 2” wide; 13 ¾”  overall.
M-05-384H $28.00 Spare handles for gouges, bevel edge and mortise chisels. 

Heavy duty Gouges

Heavy Duty GougesThese Robert Sorby gouges are long and strong with double steel hooped ash handles.



 Product # Price Description
E-05-377 $99.95 1½” wide; #3 sweep; 13” overall.
F-05-378 $99.95 1½” wide; #5 sweep; 13” overall.
G-05-379 $99.95 1 ¼” wide; #7 sweep; 13” overall; curved bent profile.
H-05-368 $89.95 1” wide; #9 sweep; 13” overall.


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Japanese Slicks & Chisels

Japanese Slicks & ChiselsThese slicks and chisels feature Japanese technology of laminating a hard high carbon white steel to a softer steel. This combination provides an excellent cutting edge while maintaining blade strength. The blades are traditionally shorter but with a longer shoulder and fitted to wooden handle with a longer, heavier tang and a strong steel ferrule. The handles are red oak with the chisels having a heavy hoop on the striking end. Tempered to an amazing Rockwell c64, these are white steel and we stock both firmer and timber framing chisels. These slicks and chisels are hand-forged by renown, nearly retired, Japanese tool-maker, Matsumura.

 Product # Price Description
N-05-308 out of stock Slick; 2 ½” wide blade; 25” overall.
P-05-310 NLA Slick; 2” wide blade; 23 3/4” overall.
S-05-313 $139.00 Firmer chisel; 1 7/16” wide; 12” overall.
T-05-314 $159.00 Firmer chisel; 2” wide; 12” overall.
J-05-318 out of stock Framing chisel; 1 7/16” wide; 16” overall.
K-05-320 out of stock Framing chisel; 2” wide; 16” overall.

Matador chisels & gouges

This manufacturer in Germany has made quality tools since 1747. These heavy duty blades are made from the famous Solengin steel and made up to 3/8” thick on some models and the companion hornbeam handles are hooped and 1 7/8” diameter on some models. These features combine for a heavy duty chisel suitable for timber framing or log building.

Framing Chisels

Framing ChiselsHeavy duty 3/8” thick blades and 1 7/8” diameter hooped hornbeam handles.

Firmer gouge

Same German quality as the chisels except lighter ¼” thick blades and smaller diameter 1 ½” hooped handles.




 Product # Price Description
V-05-201 $96.00 Framing chisel; 1 5/8” wide; 13” overall; very popular.
W-05-202 $126.50 Framing chisel; 2” wide; 13” overall; popular.
W-05-202R $16.90 Replacement handle. 

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